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Right Before Your Eyes

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
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A lot of the stories of the Bible come out of an agricultural environment.  Growing things was how most people survived and supported their families.  Not so much anymore...we might have a small garden or a potted plant or two, but it's a rarity that we have a direct connection to the soil for our livelihood.  Some of the Bible stories take a bit of work to find application in our highly technical world.  Some don't take any work at all.


Jesus told one of these stories about seed getting scattered all over the place.  The guy scattering the seed seemed to be unconcerned about being too generous with the seeds--as if he had plenty.  Some of the seed fell onto places where it couldn't possibly do any good--but the seed was thrown there.  Some of the places were going to take alot of work if the seed was going to do anything significant--but the seed was thrown there too.  Some of the seed was finding the perfect spot and, naturally, grew and grew well.


Vacation Bible School is in full swing this week.  Over 500 children are singing songs, hearing Bible stories, getting told about missionaries, making crafts, playing games, and seeing the Gospel.  Some of these children are way too young or way too new to this "church-stuff" and most of the lessons bounce off.  For others, it's all a bit overwhelming--there's a lot going on and it's a bit hard to make sense of it all.  For some others, it's a week long blast of love and grace and God is all over the place and they are awash in His love.  There are 200-plus adults and workers who are generously scattering seeds of patience and love, teaching songs or stories and showing God's love in big and small ways. There are children who have made eternal relationshis with the Savior and their hearts will produce fruit over a lifetime as they grow in Christ.  It's been one of those weeks where it isn't hard to see how good seed of the Gospel makes a big difference.


There's one final lesson in growing's seasonal and, therefore, in some ways predictable.  Spring, summer, even fall can be times when things get planted, planted things grow, food goes from the garden to the table.  You don't want to miss the growing seasons.  I'm really glad our church makes the effort:  that hundreds of people serve, that decorations and the building gets used, to make Vacation Bible School happen.   In things like this God's Kingdom grows...right before your eyes.  Pretty cool!


Grace and peace


Pastor Ray

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    Cory Monday, 01 July 2013

    I absolutely agree! Every countless hour was worth it if just one child was reached...and we were blessed to be able to minister to over 500 children this week. Who knows how many of these seeds will grow and one day produce more seeds. God is truly great :)

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