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Recent blog posts

Guest Blogger. Teacher Lorraine Montanari

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
Needed: A Summer Wedding Lorraine Montanari As we look around what do we find but yet another round of race riots in American streets, gay marriage given more legal rights by the Supreme Court, erratic weather patterns evidenced throughout the world, the inevitable political corruption nationally and internationally—mainly all harbingers that righteousness and rationality still do not prevail in our world presently.  We would be sluggish and torpid of mind and soul if we did not reflect on the present state of affairs as it relates to the appearing of Christ, our Groom, on earth again.  Though no one knows the...
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Right Before Your Eyes

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
A lot of the stories of the Bible come out of an agricultural environment.  Growing things was how most people survived and supported their families.  Not so much anymore...we might have a small garden or a potted plant or two, but it's a rarity that we have a direct connection to the soil for our livelihood.  Some of the Bible stories take a bit of work to find application in our highly technical world.  Some don't take any work at all.   Jesus told one of these stories about seed getting scattered all over the place.  The guy scattering the seed seemed to be...
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Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
Faster! Faster! Faster!   It's the mantra of our culture.  We want it fast.  We need it now.   I used to wait for the TV to warm up before a picture emerged on the screen (yep, I'm that old).  I used ot wait days for letters from Mom and Dad with news of home.  Now I channel surf and get frustrated when someone doesn't immediately respond to my texts.   Faster!  We're inventing new words to measure how fast we get it or how soon we need it.  Nanoseconds used to be it's picoseconds (because a nanosecond just wasn't...
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Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
Over the next few days my house will be a mess.  My youngest daughter graduates from High School and that means family arrives to celebrate the milestone.  My parents get here first.  The daughter in Florida arrives next.  The kids and grandkids will revolve around the schedules of meals and events meant to mark our last "baby" moving, as slowly as we can orchestrate, her transition to adulthood.  We will have 4 generations of Beardens under the roof...from 85 years to 3 months old.  I love it.  I am blessed.   These will be moments to savor.  There will be stress--we are...
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Change Happens

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
Change.  They say the only person who likes change is a baby with a wet diaper.  Having a few grandchildren reminded me that even babies with wet diapers don't always like change.  Yet...change happens.  Without attention, weeds invade your lawn, paint begins to fade, things (and people) age and change.  Doing nothing does nothing to hold back the reality that things are changing.   The culture is changing.  It's hard to imagine how different things are.  Expected are rulings by the Supreme Court on redefining marriage while the Boy Scouts have already redefined criteria for membership.  Missing and resisted are any allusions...
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Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
We just had one of those Sundays.  If I left it at that, you would be "making up your own story" for what that means.  You might be thinking it was one of those Sundays when everything went wrong or folks left wondering what went on.  It wasn't.    It was one of those Sundays.  We had 21 baptisms.  It was one of those Sundays when the stories from the baptisms were powerful proclamations of God's gracious work.  It was one of those Sundays when God showed up.  He always does...but this was one of those times when you just knew...
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The Parable of Gert

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
A few weeks ago an on-line article made it way through our staff in-box.  The story was about Gert Rizzoli, a longtime member of the Featherside Congregational Church in Moscow, Idaho.  Gert died and her family asked for and received permission to have her body bronzed and placed in her her regular spot on the front pew.  Apparently, she had that spot for 40 years and now would keep it.  It was reported by a family friend that "she was a Christ-like lady except for when it came to giving up that spot".   A couple of thoughts come to mind......
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Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
What makes a church "church"?   You might think the answer would be obvious.  Think again.    You might think the answer is irrelevant and becoming more so in these days of religious proliferation and resistence to absolute truths.  You might think the answer is meaningless as whatever the church might be, it certainly seems to be more and more marginalized.  You might think it just doesn't matter.   Think again. It's important.   Just recently a couple of comedians in England started an "atheist church".  Their reasoning?  "If church is going down in terms of attendance, how can we keep hold...
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Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
A place where God is glorified...what would that look like?   Last week, I shared with you the mission statement of our Church--that we would be a place where God is glorified, Jesus is Lord, people are loved, and the Gospel is lived.  Language changes over time.  Glory isn't a word used much except possibly attached to personal ambition or cultural aspiration.  The word in the Bible was most often associated with God.  It could mean "shining" or "illuminated".  The glory of God shone to the shepherds in Bethlehem when the angels announced the birth of Jesus.  The glory of God...
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Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
"The Elevator Talk".  Those in the business of helping businesses communicate say you have to be abe to describe your purpose, selling your product or plans, in the few moments  you might have in an elevator conversation. For example, Disney, that behemoth that includes such entities as ESPN, ABC, Pixar, and now Lucas Films, as well as theme parks and movies, states their purpose as "We create happiness by providing the finest in entertainment for people of all ages everywhere".  Their goal is to become the most admired company in the world.  A good purpose statement would be intriguing and inviting--whetting the...
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Church Closing Early
Created On Wednesday, 20 August 2014
On Friday August 22, the church office and building will be closing at 12PM for some scheduled building maintenance.

The Surge
Created On Friday, 08 August 2014
Massing of all FBCW men to focus on the mission Jesus gave us as we surge forward this fall in advancing His Kingdom here...

New Home Groups
Created On Friday, 25 July 2014
New home groups will be forming next month in a neighborhood near you. What do you say? "Are You In?" Sign up for the...

The WORD of God
Sunday, August 24, 2014
Contact Address: 13600 Minnieville Road Woodbridge, VA 22193                         Phone: 703-730-9009
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