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Pastor's Blog


"Living Upside Down" by Lorraine Montanari

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
A few months ago, I was walking alone on a sidewalk in Occoquan headed toward my car, after my friend Barb and I had just enjoyed a two-hour lunch at Madigan’s. But before I reached my car, suddenly a white, open topped jeep, sped directly up to that brick-laden sidewalk, inches from where I was walking.   A tall gentleman, in sunglasses, emerged quickly from his jeep and approached me abruptly. Oh, no, I thought-- I’m going to be robbed, as I held more tightly onto my long-strapped purse. Then the unexpected happened: “Mrs. Montanari”? He asked. “Yes,” I blurted out as...
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National Day of Prayer, May 1, 2014

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
Today is the National Day of Prayer in our nation's capitol from 9:00 A.M. until noon; the adopted scriptural thematic focus is taken from Romans 15:6: "One Voice, United in Prayer." The following is just an excerpt of the "official" prayer written by Anne Graham Lotz, chairwoman of the event: Lord of the Universe, Lord of this planet, Lord of our hearts. On this National Day of Prayer, we look to you. In the darkness, You are our lightIn the storm, You are our anchorIn our weakness, You are our strength.  In our grief, You are our comfortIn our despair,...
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I Got a Secret

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
I Got a Secret By Lorraine Montanari   Shhhh…come close—no closer.  I need to whisper something in your ear and tell you a secret. What is the secret? you may ask.  Well, maybe not so fast.  If you’re willing to take a journey with me, let’s discover it together. Game on? I even brought along a map to help us find the way. Ready?  Let’s go…   First, you and I need to arrive at a destination where secrets thrive, for our maximum spiritual good, and that it is in the secret place of the Most High where we will...
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From a Fallen Woman by Lorraine Montanari

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
  Pastor Bearden,   As my pastor, I feel it is time that I share something with you.  I think you may be surprised but I need to unload my burden and just let it all out.   In my past, I have had several escapades, of which I am not proud, which resulted in the fact that I am a fallen woman.  In truth, I was mulling over the idea to use my pain and write a book to help other women, who have experienced what I have, and entitle the book Tales of a Fallen Woman.  Just the...
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Time Out by Lorraine Montanari

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
  How well I remember a European vacation that my husband, David and I took to Italy, around the turn of the century in 2000.  For the past 14 years, we routinely crossed the Atlantic, toured Europe in the summer, and mainly chose those countries to tour steeped in aesthetic history.      When we arrived in Rome, our first destination was the Vatican.   Along with hundreds of other sweaty, sticky, and sardine-packed tourists, we were corralled into the Sistine Chapel.  However, before we could even catch our breath, a guard barked at all of us with a stern command of...
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Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
90 Days of Generosity...   God says in 2 Corinthians that He "loves a cheerful giver."  We've got cheerful people all over the place as expressions of generosity abound throughout the congregation.  What a JOY!   It was over 6 months ago that we first began praying about 90 Days of Generosity.  Through the summer and into the first weeks of fall, our staff got excited about how God was working in the hearts of the "First Family" as plans were made and projects and opportunities were identified.  Already we are seeing the fruits of generosity in the joyful embrace of...
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Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
MORE   It's coming...   Over the past year, several things have emerged through various venues in our congregation:   -A group of dedicated men began wondering how we could deploy our resources and impact our community.  Meetings centered around how we could move from being primarily "inside" a building and get "outside" into our world with God's grace and good news through acts of ministry and service.   -A small team began asking questions and listening to passions within our congregation about new initiatives, needs, and dreams.  We are so blessed...but some things were "out there", things that we could...
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A Christian is...

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
A while ago someone highlighted an easy way to know what people think about Christians.  Google it.   Google, the search engine on most desktops, helps internet searchers by giving sugggestions on topics or highlighting the predominant searches others are making.  Type in "Christians are" and then work your way through the alphabet.  In a few moments it becomes apparent that the majority of "labels" or categories of filling in the blank are predominantly negative.  Apparently we have a "PR" problem.   Add to that is the rise in the population of those who describe themselves as "none" (as in "none...
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Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
The world's a mess.   I know...that's pretty much a "duh!" statement.    As I write this, evidence is mounting for a United States response to chemical weapons used on civilians in Syria.  Egypt is under military rule, civil war looms, Christian churches have been burned, and it's unknown how long it will take before any direction becomes evident.  Things are tense with Russia, China, almost anything having to do with the Middle East, and you would be hard-pressed to find anything positive almost anywhere.   Things "at home" are not better.  The recession may be over but it doesn't feel...
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God Calling

Posted by on in Pastor's Blog
The last weeks of August are, in Northern Virginia, transitional.  It's the last gasp of summer and, for some, it means that one last trip out of town before back to the routines of the fall and school.  For some of us, the transition is a milestone, sending a child off to school for the first time or moving into a new house, or a new community.  For many of us, fall transition is mental--a pattern fixed long ago where fall signified the opportunity of a new beginning, new habits, new friends, even a new life.    It's exciting to look ahead...
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Church Closing Early
Created On Wednesday, 20 August 2014
On Friday August 22, the church office and building will be closing at 12PM for some scheduled building maintenance.

The Surge
Created On Friday, 08 August 2014
Massing of all FBCW men to focus on the mission Jesus gave us as we surge forward this fall in advancing His Kingdom here...

New Home Groups
Created On Friday, 25 July 2014
New home groups will be forming next month in a neighborhood near you. What do you say? "Are You In?" Sign up for the...

The WORD of God
Sunday, August 24, 2014
Contact Address: 13600 Minnieville Road Woodbridge, VA 22193                         Phone: 703-730-9009
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